Size: <20

Industry: Robotics

Product Owner: Stephanie

PHILON is an Odoo user, that operates in the robotics industry, and offers a wide range of robotics products for variant usage such as cleaning and services.

PHILON's main goal was to upgrade Odoo and implement more features that can lead the company to increase profitability by gaining more customers. Another goal was to introduce Scrum Management and therefore use the with V15 amended Odoo project management tools.

With the assistance of SAMSA-IT,

- the accounting configuration was updated to fit more to the German format.

- Odoo was upgraded to V15 with all the existing apps, so marketing automatization (E-Mail marketing) and social media modules could be used. This reinforced the marketing.

PHILON was able to gain and reach more customers due to Odoo and more automated marketing integrations. The project saved money and saved time: As PHILON was a very active customer, SAMSA-IT accomplished the project within two months and made sure that PHILON was ready to go live.

The following Apps were -in addition to the already in Odoo standard existing ones- implemented:

  • Apps to adjust invoices and their PDFs to the German format

  • Apps to adjust salutations (Mr, Ms, ...) and titles seperately

  • App to separate prename and last name

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